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Our role is to be at your side, guiding you, and proposing the best possible choices to build the financial wealth needed to achieve your goals. To further help, the Schulman Wealth Management Group also offers financial planning services.


Designed by our team of experts, a financial plan is a concise and personalized illustration of your overall financial situation. It covers the seven aspects of financial planning: retirement, personal finances, investments, estate planning, legal aspects, taxation, and risk management. The plan will help protect you from the unexpected and will confirm if your medium- and long-term goals are realistic.


We encourage you to create a financial plan, not only because it is free, but because it can become the cornerstone of our strategy going forward. The plan also gives a more accurate picture of your current situation, as well as the path to take to calmly face the next important steps in your life.


This is a significant advantage that will clearly benefit you.

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