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A financial and fiscal strategy to be considered very seriously!

Some doctors are still questioning the advantages of practising their profession as part of a joint stock company (JSC). However, the incorporation of professionals is a case that goes back some 20 years, when Chartered Accountants were the first to recognize the right to practice in an incorporated firm. 

Over the years, supported by first-rate partners, we have made medical incorporation a specialty of ours.

On your behalf we can:

Handle the incorporation and subsequent steps

Analyze the appropriateness of a medical incorporation in concert with our specialists:

•  Meeting with a tax lawyer

•  Meeting with an accountant

•  Explanation of the incorporation structure


Review of your personal balance sheet :

• Type of debt (student debt, mortgage, line of credit, credit card)

• Bank account

• Budget

• Revenue projections from the medical practice

• Tax rate

Review of your personal and family situation :

• Civil status

• Financially dependent family members

• Children

Special offer for young medical residents

When becoming a client of the Schulman Wealth Management Group, as a young medical resident, you will be offered various exclusive advantages (,*), such as:


  • Personalized financial planning

  • Consultation about, plus an analysis of medical incorporation (review of your balance sheet, your personal and family situation, etc.)

  • Help and coaching from our professionals, supporting your medical incorporation

  • Access to a firm of Chartered Accountants who represent doctors (including a promotional offer)


*This offer may represent a saving in professional fees of approximately $2,500. These advantages are offered by the Schulman Wealth Management Group and its business partners. This offer may be modified or cancelled at any time without prior notice.


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