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Given an environment where risks and emotions are ever present,

what is important is a proven process and a rigorous investment strategy.

Doing business with the Schulman Wealth Management Group means working with professionals who

listen to your needs and who want to build a lasting business relationship

based on a shared common vision.

Understanding your priorities is key, and our team’s mandate

is to guide and support you through the various aspects of managing your wealth

(investments, loan insurance, mortgages, taxation).

In entrusting these responsibilities to our team, you are dealing with professionals who are working for you!

Personalized Management

Our team acts as a unique intermediary, offering personalized management, that is, wealth management that coordinates all your and your family’s financial activities (also known as a Family Office).  

Our approach is always personalized and customized to meet your needs. We concentrate on managing wealth, supporting and acting in the best interests of the family. Once we have an overall and accurate picture of your financial situation, we can correctly assess any attendant risks to ensure your goals can be achieved.


A Family Office does not replace the usual specialists (mortgage brokers, notaries, lawyers, accountants, etc.), who are already aware of some of the family’s concerns. On the contrary, our team collaborates with them daily. We can also introduce the family to knowledgeable professionals who can answer specific questions (international tax experts, specialized insurers, etc.).

Our Associates

  • Private bankers, from either National Bank branches or National Bank Private Wealth 1859.  

  • Accountants, who specialize in areas that match your needs (international, medical, etc.)

  • Financial planners, to answer your financial and estate planning questions

  • Taxation experts, to help with tax optimization (voluntary divulgation, etc.)

  • Real estate agents, to find the house of your dreams 

  • Mortgage brokers, to help finance your real estate purchases

  • Notaries, to prepare your legal transactions

  • Insurers, to shelter you from the risks and uncertainties of life

  • Commercial account managers, to help finance your enterprises or transfer them to your successors

  • And many more!

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